Monday, December 17, 2012

Titanium Backup Pro - Android Back Up Application

Titanium Backup Pro Version: 5.7.3

This program makes backup applications, and user data: sms, mss, contacts, service ... Can remove the standard application after ROOTa. needed root and busybox.

Makes a backup of the data:

- applications (and their data).
- system applications (and their data).
- services (and their data).
- application entry in the database store. You can run the batch

There donate-version for $ 4 with advanced features: - TB is named - Versioning backups - Restore from backup in the background for a minimum of clicks - Batch script checks the integrity of all backups - Very fast HyperShell - Market Doctor can fix reference application Market (only for those applications that referring to the Market)

What's new in this version:
• [PRO] Added Support for 4G LTE & Ethernet Connectivity for syncing backups.
• [PRO] Added Support for Wireless Power (handled the Same way as USB Power).
• Fixed Dropbox Upload Failure on Devices with limited RAM.
• Fixed crash Possible DURING XML Backup of Wi-Fi access Points on Honeycomb.
• Updated translations.

Download Size: 5.51 MB

Enjoy this Android Back Up Application!!!

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