Friday, December 7, 2012

Modern combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern combat 4: Zero Hour is coming with the unprecedented graphics and animation on smartphones comes with explosive campaigns that are worthy of the level of console first-person shooter.

While players won't find anything particularly innovative or substantially new to the series, they'll still find a campaign with all the pros (and cons) we've come to know from Modern Combat.

Following an overarching tale of terrorists launching simultaneous attacks around the world and kidnapping the president, Zero Hour puts you in the role of several different protagonists (and antagonists, for that matter) as they each play their parts in the larger narrative.The game employs some interesting techniques, such as letting you play the same event but from the perspectives of different teams.

While Zero Hour isn't going to win any awards for story-telling, it still manages to weave a somewhat cohesive story, even if the plot is completely over-the-top (and really, what military shooters these days aren't?). Series veterans will even see the return of an old enemy from Fallen Nation, although he seems to have become a complete caricature of every generic bad guy ever.


Install APK
Copy the folder ‘gameloft’ from the archive to ‘sdcard/’
Run without internet

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