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Version: 1.0.0

Final Fantasy Dimensions - game of the series Final Fantasy, released on mobile phones. In Japan, the game is called Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi (rough translation: "Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness"). The game is divided into episodes. The plot is returned to the first part Final Fantasy, which tells about the conflict between light and darkness due to Crystals.

Many years ago there was a large World War II ended the efforts of the empire of Avalon. Currently, there are two groups of young people: a group of small, peaceful country and a group from the area of ​​the northern mountains, which arrived in an airship. When they meet, crystals from around the world begin to glow brightly, "and then the world is headed light and darkness." The game tells the story of two different groups, "Warriors of Light", which included a boy named Saul and his friends, and "Warriors of Darkness," which is a boy named Nacht with his companions.

There Lacs, Saul with his friends, and Diana Gleyvom, meet Aygisom, who returned from the expedition. Four of them cause the castle, where they are ordered to investigate the strange occurrence of the crystal. On the way to the Crystal Temple Party Sol meets Ergo, who says he is also investigating the case. When they reach the temple, Beast-guard attack them and try to destroy Crystal. Then comes the four strangers to steal Crystal.People from all over the world began to realize that something was amiss. 
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up, ARMv6 and above

Download APK Size: 1 MB 


CACHE: Size: 180.65 MB

Installation instructions (need ROOT):

Copy 3 files from the archive to sdcard / Titaniumbackup /
Open Titanium Backup> find 'FF DIMENSIONS'> restore 'App + Data'
Copy the folder 'com.square_enix.android_googleplay.ffl_gp' in 'sdcard / Android / obb '
Run game
Enjoy this classic Android Game!!!

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